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You can deliver the ClickTale tracking code into your website pages via Ensighten, along with numerous other tags. It's a quick and easy way to get started on ClickTale.

About Ensighten

Ensighten is an industry leader in Real-Time™ Tag Management solutions for the enterprise. Marketers can easily deploy third-party tags, without JavaScript programming. Ensighten accelerates website performance, increases marketing agility, precision, and effectiveness, and ensures privacy compliance.

Ensighten works on any platform or device – web, mobile, video, e-reader and more – and natively supports any tag or conversion pixel, without page level customization. Ensighten dynamically serves tags as visitors navigate your site, enabling an unprecedented level of personalization.

About the integration

The integration allows you to add the ClickTale tracking code to your site together with many of your other tags. For further details, please contact your account manager or Ensighten at http://www.ensighten.com

Key advantages of implementing via Ensighten

  • Command your digital marketing environment - Ensighten centralizes control of tagging for efficiency and consistency. Manage all your digital marketing tags from a single interface. Know where all your tags are and what they are doing. Coordinate the tagging efforts of all internal and external marketing teams across all domains and devices.
  • Ensighten makes it easy for marketers to add, remove, and modify any digital marketing tag or pixel, without JavaScript and without waiting for the next website release cycle. You’ll be less dependent on IT/Dev for routine tagging maintenance and they’ll love you for it. Adjust live campaigns and launch critical tests at will, without typical process bottlenecks.
  • Make smarter choices to boost marketing ROI. Ensighten gives you the information you need to make better decisions based on results. Understand how efficient your marketing dollars are and the impact those dollars have on customer experience.

How to Integrate

From Ensighten Manage, select ClickTale as the application to deploy through Ensighten.

Follow the 4 steps to deployment on Ensighten:

Step 1 - Configure the application. Select the ClickTale app from the Library and type in the partition name and Project ID code of your project.

If your project uses Balkan tracking code, please follow the procedure in this article to get the above parameters.

If your project uses Atlas tracking code, please contact your account manager or ClickTale support, so that they help you convert your project to Balkan code.


How can I find which code type my project is using?

  • Click "Next".

Step 2 - Define the condition to fire the tag - Global (all pages) or Custom (defined by rules).


  • Click "Next".

Step 3 - Name the application integration.


  • Click "Next".

Step 4 - Review the tag code and approve the integration.


  • Click "Save" to finish.

Note: Make sure to set the rule to add the ClickTale tag using “bindDOMParsed” or “bindDOMLoaded” and avoid using “bindImmediate”


Star mark.png Now continue to the deployment stage, as explained in this video tutorial. It covers the above four steps as well.