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Integrating ClickTale with ExactTarget enables online businesses to optimize both their email marketing campaigns and website usability based on how different customers engage with their emails. A tremendous amount of knowledge is gained on both individual and demographic levels about the subscriber base. For example, online retailers can now compare how converted customers engage versus non converted customers and modify web and landing page design accordingly to maximize future user engagement.

Benefits of Integration

The integrated solution enables companies to:

  • Follow every mouse move, click, scroll and keystroke of email subscribers all the way through to their online conversion or checkout.
  • Learn from ClickTale behavioral reports that aggregate thousands of browsing sessions to reveal what visitors are collectively doing within a webpage.
  • Watch real time video session playbacks to show exactly why and when a potential customer leaves the conversion process.
  • Tailor emails to the behavioral tendencies of individual user groups.

Integration Instructions

In order to integrate your ExactTarget account with ClickTale, follow the overview of the solution below:

1. Check that your account has the ability to turn on custom navigation (MUST)

Exact target1.jpg

2. Make sure the “web connector” business rules are turned on.

Exact target2.jpg

3. Edit Brand Tag
Make sure to review what other accounts are using the brand tag (Enterprise). A new brand tag may be necessary.

Exact target3.jpg

Make sure to also add on Job ID by default to this brand tag

ct=enable,t(__AdditionalEmailAttribute1),t(Job ID)

Can support multiple analytic packages, just add an & in between the tags

4. Associate brand with account

Exact target4.jpg

5. Add custom tab

Exact target5.jpg

Exact target6.jpg

6. Create email and add additional email attribute

Exact target7.jpg