IBM Coremetrics Digital Data Exchange Integration

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IBM Coremetrics Digital Data Exchange (DDX) Integration

You can drop the ClickTale tracking code into your website via IBM Coremetrics Digital Data Exchange, along with numerous other tags. It's a quick and easy way to get started on ClickTale.

About IBM Coremetrics Digital Data Exchange

IBM Coremetrics Digital Data Exchange provides an easy way for companies to take advantage of IBM and third-party services by providing a single tag for the collection and distribution of real-time behavioral digital data. Digital Data Exchange radically simplifies the management of IBM Coremetrics and third-party page tags, making it possible to deploy and maintain website pages with minimal support from IT. ClickTale is a Certified Partner of DDX.

About the integration

The integration allows you to add the ClickTale tracking code to your site together with many of your other tags. For further details, please contact IBM at

Key advantages of implementing via IBM Coremetrics DDX

  • A single tag manager and tag enables you to include third party page tags, rather than having to add them independently on the website.
  • The Tag Bar solution provides a visual overlay of the website describing which tag is being called to verify if they are executing correctly.
  • Streamlines the task of tagging complex enterprise sites with many management and auditing functionalities, for example, versioning, rollback, and user-defined tag deployment.