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About iPerceptions

iPerceptions specializes in Voice of Customer collection applications. The company's Active Research Platform captures customer perceptions on multiple touch points using intercept surveys to collect a representative sample and Comment Cards to connect with customers on an individual level. iPerceptions uses multiple proven methodologies and frameworks including real-time data from the iPSI Experience Framework and the 4Q Task Completion Framework, which enables comparative and industry benchmarking.

About the integration

The integration allows you to add a ClickTale reference link to any report in the iPerceptions product, if you use both ClickTale and iPerceptions.

Key advantages of using iPerceptions with ClickTale

  • Get an in-depth look at the behavior of your visitors who have voiced a perception about your site or services.
  • Add a new dimension to existing iPerceptions reports.
  • Study the differences in behavior between visitors who voice feedback and those who don't.

How to Integrate

No coding is needed on the ClickTale side of the integration. After requesting the integration from iPerceptions, the iPerceptions platform automatically triggers a recording for any visitor who voices a feedback.

That visitor's journey through your site is then recorded into ClickTale. In the iPerceptions reports, you will see links to the ClickTale recordings for the visitor who engaged with the iPerceptions system.

  • You are requested to call your ClickTale AM after you complete the integration, so that we can optimize your account's activity with iPerceptions.

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