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Link Analytics provide a detailed statistical breakdown of every individual clicked element on your page. The HTML elements included in Link Analytics calculation are: <img >, <a >, <button >, <textarea >, <input >, and <select >.

Unlike other analytics programs, ClickTale treats each clicked item as a separate element to be analyzed. Link Analytics are available on all Heatmap types - Mouse Move, Mouse Click, Attention and Scroll Reach.

Hover over an element to view all or click on the Link Analytics menu to choose one. The selected element is highlighted.

Some of the Premium plans allow you to drill-down from the elements on the page and get the list of recordings that include interaction with the clicked element.

NS link analytics.png
Scroll HM LA.png

There are 8 statistical figures offered with Link Analytics:


Counts the number of clicks and the percent of the total clicks on every link.

Time to Click

The average time between the moment a page has been loaded to the moment a link is clicked.
You can discover which links are the most attractive by seeing the average time it takes for a visitor to click on them.

Clicking Visitors

The number of clicking visitors on the page and their percentage out of all visitors to the page..


The number of mouse hovers over a link.

For a mouse move over an element to be considered as hover, the mouse should be within the element for at least 500 milliseconds (half a second). Hover is counted as one until the mouse leaves the element, if the mouse “hovers” again it will be counted as an additional hover to that element

Hover Order

Ranks links by the average order in which they were hovered-over by visitors. Shows which links attract the mouse first, second and so on.

Hover Time

The average time the mouse hovers over a link, indicating the visitor’s interest level.

The time from entry to element (Mouse Hover) to exit from element (Mouse out), measured by active time. Meaning that if there is no user activity for more than 20 seconds, then the time counter stops until the next activity.


1. Visitor entered element

2. Was active for 3 seconds (moved mouse)

3. Was idle/in-active for 50 seconds

4. Was active for 5 seconds and exited element

Hover time = 3 + 20 + 5 = 28 (the total clock time from entry to exit was 58)

Hover Conversion

The percentage of visitors that clicked the link after hovering over it, shows you how well the link invites visitor interaction.


The average time from the beginning of a mouse hover to the moment of the mouse click.

Attention and Scroll-reach heatmaps also show:

NS att link analytics.png

Engagement Time

Average time a visitor was engaged with the page at the horizontal band where the cursor is currently hovering.


The percentage and number of pageviews in which this section was exposed on the screen (in Scroll-reach HM) or interacted with (in Attention HM).