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Welcome to the ClickTale Wiki!

This is an online repository with information about everything to do with ClickTale, and hopefully everything to do with website usability and optimization in general.
To contribute, please contact us.

Getting Started

Quick Start Guide - A brief, step-by-step guide to ClickTale and its most common features.
Frequently asked questions - The questions asked by most new users.
Troubleshooting - How to fix the most common ClickTale errors.
Creating a mobile project - How to start working with mobile tracking after you've purchased ClickTale® Touch.

Setup and Customization

The ClickTale Tracking code - How to generate the tracking code for standard ClickTale implementations.
Plugins and Integrations - A comprehensive list of all ClickTale's plugins, modules and integrations.
Blocking sensitive data - How to stop ClickTale from recording sensitive data such as personal or financial details.

Advanced Setup

Recording JavaScript - How to record JavaScript within a webpage.
Recording Flash - How to record actions over Flash elements.
ClickTale's JavaScript API - A comprehensive overview of all our API commands.
Events - How to tag any visitor interaction as an Event.
Recording Ratio - A deeper look at the recording ratio, and how to change it.
Selective recordings - How to pick and choose what visitors you record based on a range of attributes.
Offline recordings - How use ClickTale with offline environments and intranet sites.
Managing domains - How to manage the domains that ClickTale records.

Using ClickTale

The Dashboard
Visitor Playback


Mouse Move Heatmaps
Click Heatmaps
Scroll-Reach Heatmaps
Attention Heatmaps
Link Analytics

Search and Alerts

How to Search
Search Filters
Campaign Tracking
Creating Alerts

Conversion Reports

Conversion Funnels
Form Analytics
Behavioral reports

Advanced Analytics

ClickTale for Ecommerce
A/B and Multivariate Testing
Terms and Definitions

About ClickTale

About us
Privacy policy for the site
Privacy policy for the tool
Terms of use