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The instructions on this page are intended for self service accounts.
Enterprise customers should contact their account managers for integration support.

Offline pages are pages which are not accessible using an internet connection from outside of your organization. Pages which merely require user authentication, i.e. a username and password, do not count as offline. Examples of offline pages are intranet pages or pages in a website's development environment.

Normally ClickTale servers access the pages that are recorded in order to capture the content of the page, later to be used in reports and playback. When a page is inaccessible, the content can't be captured and playback will fail.

Please note: Due to restrictions on domain usage, free subscribers cannot record from a ‘localhost’ domain name (or You can setup a different name for your test host, other that ‘localhost’ via your HOSTS file(xyz "local IP address") or by using the machine's IP address in the browser.

These pages can be recorded using one of the following three methods:

Method 1

You can allow our servers access to your site or to specific pages by whitelisting our servers' IP ranges, which are and, and opening a network connection(normally port 80/443) for the ClickTale bot from these IP's to the sites ports on your server(eg. 8080).

If you are using the PHP or ASP.NET integration modules then you only need to allow access to the URL of the integration module (ClickTaleCache.php and ClickTaleCache.ashx [virtual] respectively) on your server to our IP range.

Each client would also be required to be able to access the ClickTale servers(on standard ports).

This may involve firewall and/or router/NAT configuration to ensure the passage of traffic/packets.

This is especially relevant to corporate Intranet environments and non-public/local development setups.

Method 2

Use the ClickTaleUploadPage API command.

Please note - this command is not suitable for production environment (online) and will hurt customer experience (slower page load times due to overhead).

  • If you are using one of the integration modules, use ClickTaleUploadPage in an offline environment and ClickTaleFetchFrom code line in an online environment.
  • If you are NOT using one of the integration modules, use ClickTaleUploadPage in an offline environment and remove it in an online environment.

Method 3

If (and only if) your development environment is identical to your live one, you may use the ClickTaleFetchFrom command to direct to it. To do so, add the following line right before the call to the ClickTale() function:


And replace [LIVE_DOMAIN_NAME] with the actual domain name.

Please note: this method will require you to check both of these domains in the Manage domains section of your account.