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You can use OnCue to drop the ClickTale tracking code into your website, along with other tags. It's a quick and easy way to get started on ClickTale.

About OnCue®

OnCue, from Usability Sciences is a Digital Research Management System that radically cuts the time and IT effort associated with conducting web and mobile website research. By adding a research rules layer to a website, OnCue deploys and manages behaviorally targeted research using almost any research tool.
A cloud based solution, OnCue requires a single JavaScript tag to be placed on every page in a website. This tag can be deployed as part of the global HTML template in a content management system or via a tag management system if one is in place. Once a website is tagged, researchers use the OnCue administrative application to control all of their website research tags - Surveys, UX tools, feedback tools and analytics tools.

About the integration

The integration allows you to add the ClickTale tracking code to your site together with many of your other tags. For further details, please contact your account manager or OnCue at http://www.oncueresearch.com

Key advantages of implementing via OnCue

  • Cut the cost of website research
  • No coding = no IT department
  • Get answers faster than ever
  • Get more out of your current tools
  • Mobile friendly workflow
  • Plans for every size site

How to Integrate

1. In your OnCue account homepage, click on the Settings button.

2. In the new panel that opens below, click on the Research Tools button.

Oncue int1.png

The ‘Research Tools’ section is where you can set up any tools that are linked to OnCue.

3. From the list of tools, click on the ClickTale button.

Follow the instructions in the OnCue tool to set the project you wish to deploy through OnCue.
You can also view the video on this Usability Sciences page.