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Please Note: The OpinionLab integration is available to ClickTale Enterprise customers. If you would like to use the integration, or have any questions regarding access to this service, please contact your account manager or sales at http://www.clicktale.com/contact/contact_us .

OpinionLab Integration

The ClickTale integration with OpinionLab enables websites to visualize the browsing session of specific visitors who left feedback.

About OpinionLab

OpinionLab, Inc. provides Voice of Customer (VoC) data collection, visualization, analysis, and management solutions. Its solutions enable corporations and organizations to harness the collective intelligence of their customer base through online deployment of VoC systems through online touch-points. It offers OnlineOpinion, a hosted solution that enables Web teams to analyze page-specific VoC data; DialogCentral, which is used to collect quantitative and qualitative feedback from real Web users in real scenarios, and offers reporting options; and O-Mail, which is used to capture and report user feedback from within an HTML email.

About the integration

The integration allows you to watch the recordings of visitors who left feedback via OpinionLab.

The link to ClickTale Session Player within replay alert

OpinionLab 1.JPG

When clicking on the link, you can watch that visitor's session

OpinionLab 2.JPG

Key advantages

  • Helps you to visualize the experience (good or bad) of a visitor who left feedback
  • Fills in the blanks when the feedback doesn't provide enough information on what the customer actually experienced
  • Brings together what the customer does on the website with what they were thinking at the time