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Many optimization professionals find it challenging to decide what to test on their website. By watching Session Playbacks and analyzing Heatmaps, Conversion Funnels and Form Analytics, you will uncover the areas of the webpage that are most influential to your customers’ decision-making process and may require further optimization.

In addition, the ClickTale integration with Optimizely will enable you, during and after testing, to compare and understand why different versions perform better.

Values of the Integration

Integrating ClickTale with Optimizely will help you to answer the following questions:

  • What should I test? Instead of guessing what elements on the page affect customer behavior, first watch Session Playbacks and analyze Heatmaps to identify what will have the greatest impact.
  • Why did one version convert better? Run a post-test analysis with ClickTale to uncover how the changes you made impacted visitors' interactions with the page.
  • Based on the results, what should I test next? Get inspired with fresh ideas for future tests from the way your visitors behaved on the last test.
The integration also offers :

  • True-to-life recordings - ClickTale’s Session Playback replicates the exact version of HTML seen by each visitor to your site. This gives you an accurate view of each of your visitors’ online experience.

  • Visual Heatmaps - Analyze different versions of the page and uncover how visitor behavior is influenced, revealing the reasons why one version performed better than another.



How the integration works

No changes are required to the ClickTale tracking code.
Once you have ClickTale running on your pages, then you can now enable Optimizely to notify ClickTale which experiments and variations your visitors are using.

To enable ClickTale integration simply navigate to 'Heatmap Integration' from the 'Options' menu within the editor and SELECT "Enable..." to activate.


Once your experiment has been integrated with ClickTale you'll be able to use the ClickTale page events to search for particular playback recordings and see which version of your Optimizely experiment your visitor experienced during the ClickTale playback.

To confirm that Optimizely is properly passing the required info to ClickTale, you should see 'one-to-many', 'field' and 'event' actions associated with that recording. You can see these attributes within the ClickTale Session Player under "Actions" while the recording is being played back.


You can also use the events populated by Optimizely to search for recordings specific to your particular experiments and variations.
From the ClickTale Search dashboard under "Behavioral" filters select "Events". This pops open a dialog of all your ClickTale events, where you can filter specifically by Optimizely experiment and variation.


ClickTale Enterprise customers can also use the Optimizely events to segment heatmaps. By setting up this filter report, you will see the aggregate behavior of your visitors by Optimizely experiment.
To enable filtering from the heatmap report, select "Edit", then under Events, Page Events, you'll be presented with a listing of the captured page events that you can use to generate the required report.