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Visitor Playback, also referred to as Visitor Recordings, allow you to see absolutely everything your visitors do on your webpages. You can watch recordings of your visitors’ full browsing sessions to discover exactly how they use your site, and see their every mouse move, click and keystroke as if you were looking over their shoulder.

Visitor Recordings (session playback) consist of the recorded browsing sessions of your site’s visitors. These videos give you an unparalleled insight into the browsing behavior of your site’s visitors, and are an indispensable tool for usability and customer feedback tests. By optimizing the customer's progress through your website, you can guarantee better conversion rates and increased sales.

When watching a session playback, please note that the screen resolution and HTML are matched to the visitor’s original settings, meaning you see exactly what the individual visitor saw while browsing.

Recorded Visitors Table Headers

NS record list.png

  • NS plus but.png: When you click the + button, a drop-down table opens, displaying all of the pages the visitor browsed as well as other collected data.
  • Pages: The number of pageview recorded for the visitor.
  • Browser: The browser type (not including version) the visitor used.
  • Country: The country the visitor came from.
  • Latest Visit: The time since the visitor's latest pageview.
  • First Visit: Displays the time when the ClickTale cookie was placed on the visitor’s browser.
  • Engagement Time: Displays how long the visitor was active on your site. If a visitor does not not click, move the mouse, scroll, or type in a form for more than 20 seconds, the visitor is no longer considered engaged.
  • Original Referrer: Displays the URL of the page which referred the visitor to the entry page on the domain.
  • Entry Page: Displays the first page the visitor landed on in your site.
  • Bounce: If the visitor bounces, displays the type of bounce.
  • Events: Displays the events that triggered during the visitor’s browsing session.
  • NS download but.png: Download the video onto your computer (available only for Premium plans)
  • NS X but.png: Delete the specific visitor.

Playback Buttons and Descriptions

NS player window.png

NS Play button.png
Play video
NS reload button.png
Reload video
NS prev button.png NS next button.png
Go to previous or next page of the recording
NS back start button.png
Skip to the first page of the recording
NS player history.png
Visitor browsing history - Number of pages recorded - enables specific page selection for viewing from the drop down list
NS speed select.png
Increase or decrease playback speed (Note: If the Skip Inactivity button is checked, idle time is not shown when watching in actual speed)
NS view scale.png
Scale the playback frame for a better fit to your screen. This option is available only on Microsoft Internet Explorer®.
NS auto next but.png
When checked - Advance automatically to the next pageview of the recording
NS skip inactiv.png
When checked - Allows viewing only the engagement time and skip inactive time.
NS player save settings.png
Save the Speed, Scale, Skip inactivity and Auto next preferences
NS player input.png
Displays mouse clicks and keyboard typing during the current pageview. Keystrokes are displayed as question marks for security.
NS player actions.png
Displays the events and JS errors that are generated by the user’s activity on the page
NS player other visits.png
Watch recordings of other visitors experiencing the same page
NS player download.png
Download recordings to your local machine. The recording is saved as a .zip file. Extract and run the play.html file


Q: How long does it take for recordings to show up in my ClickTale Account? Is there any way to speed this up?

A: Recordings show up within a few minutes of when a randomly selected visitor completes their interaction with the page (however in some cases it could take longer--up to several hours, depending on server load). Depending on the percentage of visitors that you choose to record and the number of visitors that typically come to your site, it may take up to an hour or more for the first visitor to be recorded. Once a visitor session is recorded, the data is sent to our servers and processed immediately.

The best way to make sure that your website is set up properly without waiting for the first recorded visitor is to force a test recording.

If no recordings are logged on the account after forcing a recording it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • Recordings are already there - try refreshing your ClickTale account page.
  • The tracking code is not properly embedded in your pages. To verify this, sign in to ClickTale, click the "Get tracking code" link under your project and follow the instructions. You could then compare the code presented on the instructions with the code you have on your page.
  • No visitors have entered your site.
  • Your domain is disabled or blocked from recording. See configuration at
  • Your "percentage of visitors to record" parameter is too small relative to the number of visitors to your site.
  • You are using an unsupported browser.
  • Your website/page has invalid HTML. You can check this with the W3C Validator.

Q: What is the format in which downloaded recordings arrive?
A: Downloaded recordings arrive as ZIP files with several files in them. After extracting these files to a folder, the file which displays the recording is called Play.htm. Mac users are requested to make sure that they unzip the file rather than mount it. When double-clicking the zip file, your Mac will mount it. Instead you should enter the following text in your Terminal (found in your Applications>Utilities folder):
unzip FILENAME -d TARGET_DIRECTORY (where FILENAME is the name of the downloaded zip file and TARGET_DIRECTORY is the folder where you want to unzip the file’s contents)
This should unzip the file properly and enable you to view downloaded recordings.
Please make sure all files are unzipped and click the unzipped Play.htm rather than the zipped one.
At present, we only support Firefox for playing downloaded recordings.

Q: When I watch a page playback, the playback time is shorter than the Engagement Time specified for the page. Why can't I see the whole Engagement Time?
A: See the article at Duration_of_Playback.