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Visual Website Optimizer Integration

The ClickTale integration with Visual Website Optimizer (VWO) enables e-businesses to collect and analyze accurate, visual data when conducting A/B or MVT testing. The integration ensures that when using VWO testing, the ClickTale playback of the recorded pages always show the correct version of the page that the visitor experienced. You can also search for recordings of visitors

Note: You need an active VWO account to implement this integration.

How the integration works

No changes are required to the ClickTale tracking code. Once you have ClickTale running on your pages, you can now enable VWO to notify ClickTale which experiments and variations your visitors are using. To integrate ClickTale with VWO, you need to enable the ClickTale integration from within the VWO Settings, either when the test is being created (on the last step of test creation), or from the Reports page. You can also enable the ClickTale integration for your complete account from the Account settings page.

ClickTale integration option on Visual Website Optimizer reports page:

VWO Set Integration Reports.JPG

ClickTale integration option in Visual Website Optimizer test creation page:

VWO Set Integration Test Creation.JPG

ClickTale integration option in Visual Website Optimizer accounts page:

VWO Set Integration Accounts.JPG

You can segment the recordings in ClickTale using the event segmentation available on the ClickTale Search Recordings page. The event looks as follows: VWO1: VariationName VWO1 is the testid of the test running on the page. So VWO1 would mean test id 1 running. VariationName is the name of the variation shown to the visitor.

NS Visual Web Opt Events.png

Key advantages

  • Ensures that the version of HTML seen by the visitor is replicated in the playback recording session, both for A/B testing and for MVT
  • Displays VWO campaign and experience data during playback
  • Enables you to search for recordings of visitors that experienced specific versions of the page in order to understand how those changes impact on their in-page behavior.

Please note, that this integration does not currently support the ability to segment heatmaps by the variant name.