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Please Note: Webtrends integrations are exclusively available to ClickTale Enterprise customers. If you have are questions regarding access to this service, please contact sales at http://www.clicktale.com/contact/contact_us.

Webtrends Analytics Integration

The ClickTale and Webtrends Analytics integration enables Webtrends customers to gain more value from their existing business investments and attain a more accurate and visual representation of their online users. No need to start from scratch, simply enhance your already collected data with qualitative information of individual visitors and user groups.

Drill down into individual visitor browsing sessions, understand visitors’ actual online behavior, as reflected in their mouse movements, scrolls, clicks and keystrokes, as well as aggregated reports of customer activity inside specific web pages. Pinpoint specific problematic pages, form fields, and usability obstacles.

How the integration works

The simple integration process involves two steps:

  1. Simply make a slight change in the Webtrends code on web pages you wish to record.
  2. Add a definition to Webtrends administrative console, allowing each ClickTale user ID to be recorded. You can then use Webtrends as usual and easily copy/paste the relevant ClickTale IDs to find specific recordings or to use in aggregate ClickTale reports.

Key advantages

  • The integrated solution allows e-businesses to:
    • Identify users in Webtrends Analytics and view their recording playback sessions with the ClickTale solution
    • Personalize user data with visual representation of visitor behavior
  • Leverage your existing investments. Learn more from your already created Webtrends databases, funnels, analytics reports. Once an inconceivable task for site owners with a heavy traffic load, now understand visitor usability at a more personal level.
  • Identify users in Webtrends and view their session playback in ClickTale. Watch actual video recordings of anonymous visitors’ browsing sessions to understand how customers successfully convert and why lost visitors drop out. The behavioral search enables you to instantly search and watch only the RELEVANT videos you need. Fix and improve vital business processes in real-time!
  • Enjoy ClickTale’s Drill-Down and Segmentation capability on your existing Webtrends reports. Be able to pick and choose some or all of the Visitor IDs you want/need to analyze with ClickTale. Gain complete access to ClickTale’s customer experience analytics products and features, including the ClickTale Heatmap Suite, Form Analytics and Conversion Funnels.